Best exchange value

About Goldplus

At Goldplus, every creation comes with the assurance of the purest 22K (916) and 18K (750) gold, further endorsed by a certificate that states its purity. With highly skilled artisans crafting traditional and modern designs, there is something for everyone at Goldplus.

Backed By Titan’s Expertise

Leveraging the design and retail expertise of the Titan Company, Goldplus has managed to customize its products and services to the local tastes and preferences. The range of products, the ambience of the stores and even the marketing efforts showcase the brand’s superior understanding of its consumers.


Always aiming to provide its customers a quality experience, Goldplus strives to connect with them by participating in every gold purchase with a promise of purity. Our gold quality and products speak for themselves, and we take pride in allowing millions of customers experience the real value and security that comes along with a gold purchase.

The Karatmeter

An exclusive feature of Goldplus showrooms, the Karatmeter is a device that determines the purity of gold with excellent precision by using X-rays. Customers can check the purity of gold before a purchase, or walk into any Goldplus store to check the purity of the gold they own.

Quality Assurance Certificate

With every purchase of gold or diamond jewellery, customers are given a certificate that authenticates the purity of the jewellery they are purchasing. The certificate also mentions all important details like karat, weight, diamond colour, etc.

Our Promises

  • Don’t pay for the weight of stones
    at the rate of gold

    The net weight of gold and stones are valued separately.

  • great designs STARTING at 5% MAKING CHARGES

    With making charges starting at 5%, there is something for everyone at Goldplus!

  • get the best exchange

    We melt old gold right in front of your eyes and use a Karatmeter to get the right value.

  • ENJOY 100% Buyback

    Get 100% buyback on diamonds, diamantine, uncut
    diamonds, polki and colour stones on prevailing rates.