Weight of gold and stone valued separately

As you embark upon this beautiful journey with your partner, you do so with a common destination in mind. All along, you look out for each other’s interest and never fail to show them that you value their opinion as much as they value yours. And with every decision that you make together, your love only grows and becomes that much more beautiful.

This wedding season, when you choose from our exquisite range of intricately crafted gold jewellery for your special day, we urge you to do so together. Pick a piece that you both equally love. Because at Goldplus, a decision taken together today will shine for years to come.

Adorned in ancient temple designs, you make your way to the mandapam with grace. The jhumkis, the jadai nagam and the Oddiyanam make every head turn and every heart skip a beat. As you finally see your life partner, your joy knows no bounds, and your wedding finery, a selection of in skillfully crafted jewellery, complements your happiness, only to make your moment as precious as you are.

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No ceremony is as elaborate and perfect as a wedding. As your special day finally arrives, you ensure that everything is just the way you wanted it to be. The jhumkis twirl and the bangles tinkle as you walk the saptapadi, while your expressions get caught in the shine of your necklace. Your wedding is nothing short of watching your dream come true, especially when you are the woman of your man’s dreams.

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Bonded in holy matrimony with the antar-pat and akshata, you begin your forever. The pearls around your forehead bless you with a life no less than a dream, the patlya and bangdya make sure that you never walk alone and the radiance of the nath spreads happiness for years to come.

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  • Goldplus Maharashtrian wedding jewellery 1
  • Goldplus Maharashtrian wedding jewellery 1
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The soft tinkling of your bangles makes heads turn, while your necklace sparkles just as the faces of the family that so eagerly awaits you. You hear the Mangalashatak as the cloth comes down, and you can’t help but rejoice knowing that your new life with your partner is just moments away. As you bow your head to hide a smile, you know that this is just as it should be.

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